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Goldsman Services Limited (GSL) is a private Limited Liability Company incorporated under the Companies Code 1963 (Act 179) on 20th December 2005 and bears registration no. C-22, 382.

It is located within the premises of the Alexander Plaza Hotel at the Ringway Estates. The locational address is E132/3 Otua Codjoe, 1st.  Ringway St,  Ringway Estates, Accra, It is in the vicinity of Trinity House which is opposite the Ghana National Fire Service Headquarters, on the Ring Road.

Among the services Goldsman provide are Secretarial and Clerical Duties, Fumigation, Mobile Money and Sale of Network Data Cards, Graphic Design and Print Services, Business Support and Outsourcing Services.   Some of our customers are Engen Ghana Limited, Accra and Kumasi, Association of Oil Marketing Companies, Accra, SES Satellite Ghana, Mamphey Developers, Syto, Morrison & Associates etc

The company aim to deliver quality and prompt services at all times.

Our experience is that the visit and professional job delivered by us normally leads to more business and achievement of desirable results to our clients.

The formation of the company was motivated by the opportunities the Directors saw will emerge in the Hospitality Business in Ghana following the then Government’s desire to celebrate Ghana’s Independence in grand style. Ghana also won the right to host Silver Jubilee of the formation of the African Union. To crown it all Ghana also won the right to host the prestigious sports event in Africa, The Africa Cup of nations in 2007 dubbed CAN 2007.  With all this event in anticipation, the Directors saw the opportunity in the Hospitality Business involving Car Hire, Hotel Reservations, Accommodation, Business Services, Secretarial and Clerical Services, Business Support and Outsourcing Services etc.

We acquired offices at our present location, Ringway Estates.

Vehicles and other resources were assigned to the purpose and operations started.

However in actual fact the Hospitality aspect of the business did not grow in size in comparison with the activities involving the three events. It became obvious that concentrating on the hospitality business alone will not bring adequate rewards to the shareholders and other stakeholders.  In line with change in direction the company’s name and scope were amended from Goldsman Hospitality Services to Goldsman Services Ltd. to give it a wider scope.

Currently our services are Business and Secretarial Services, Graphic Design & Printing, Fumigation and Pest Control, Mobile Money Services, Business Support and Outsourcing Services etc

It has established a strong brand on the basis of a good and reliable customer service. The business is managed by a strong team of professionals with the active involvement of the Managing Director.

To be innovative and second to none in businesses we operate in.

is to provide convenient and affordable services to businesses and individual entities.

Being reliable and trustworthy

To provide quality services to our customers

Printing for more and more people for less

Empathizing with our customers and planning what to do for them in their predicament.