• Startright – Business Registration (Business Information, Documentation and helpful resources as a start-up) Business plans, Business Organization, Business Stationery ETC


  • Business Advisory Services – Coaching and Counseling (overcome some of the challenges associated with small business owners. Train and develop depth knowledge needed to focus on your business from a true ‘ownership perspective’


  • Virtual Office – Business Address Services (Run your business professionally without the cost of a full time physical office) Address package provides premium business address for use on all your business communications, Business Letter Writing and Responses, Proposals, Virtual Receptionist, mail and courier management etc



Our Target


The General Public – Individual clients who are not businesses. The segments of this market are people needing resume preparation and college students.

A job seeker creating or updating a resume may write the document and bring for layout and printing. He/she may need assistance in writing the content or career coaching services

In addition to students, the academic community may also be a source of business (professors) need word processing, editing and proofreading services for their books, articles, reports, graduate thesis etc


Small Commercial Businesses – they may require secretarial and administrative support but are not in the position to hire full time employees or even space. As we develop relationship with them we will be a position to make suggestions that will increase the volume of the work that can be done for them.


Large Corporations – Even fairly large corporations with full time secretaries are potential customers. They can turn to us for their over loads rather than hiring temporary employees. We can handle their executive searches, Airport pickups etc.


  • Typing,

  • Editing,

  • Proof Reading,

  • Proposal writing,

  • Cover letters

  • Resume Preparation and Layout,

  • Reports,

  • Articles,

  • Graduate Thesis etc